Dough Boy’s Restaurant – Virginia Beach, VA

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Dough Boy’s is a locally, family-owned restaurant in Virginia Beach and a fun place to work! There are many amenities nearby and our resort town is very walkable/bike-friendly for getting around the city. Just steps from outdoors and free entertainment happen throughout the Summer that everyone can enjoy. Surrounded by shopping, historical landmarks, and cultural attractions at your disposal. Team building activities for cultural
exchange students are available and will be scheduled. Surfing and other water sports are steps away at our beaches and waterways and there is so much to do!

Weekly working hours:  avg. 32 per week

Start Date/End Date: June 1st until 30th September


  • Advanced English;
  • Host/Hostess: *Social Security Card Required* Must be able to stand for an extended period. Have a positive attitude and be personable. As a Host/Hostess, you are required to greet patrons with a smile on your face. You are the first person the customers interact with, so applicants need to be positive, easygoing, and friendly. You will be responsible for taking customers to their tables, ensuring all tables are cleared off once guests leave, that the tables are properly set up and stocked, letting servers know they have tables, and ensuring the presentation of the restaurant is clean. Duties include but are not limited to sweeping, cleaning bathrooms, cleaning menus, stocking, and any other duties management requests / $9.00+tips
  • Bartender: *Social Security Card Required* Must be 21 years or older. Prior Experience in Bartending. Greet guests with a smile, oversee the Front of House (FOH), take food and beverage orders, proficiently use the POS system, prepare alcoholic beverages, check IDs of guests to ensure they meet the legal drinking age, adhere to all ABC rules, ensuring guest satisfaction by checking in with tables periodically, possessing basic math skills for proper money handling, conducting weekly inventory counts and placing orders according to par sheet, any duties management requests, and be able to work efficiently in a fast-paced environment/ $6.50+tips
  • Waitstaff/Server: *Social Security Card Required* Must be able to stand for an extended period. Have a positive attitude and be personable.  Waitstaff’s responsibilities are to provide excellent customer service to the guests/tables you wait on; knowledge of the menu/drinks, answer questions, record orders, use the point of sales computer, deliver food/drinks, collect payments, clean tables, and other sidework. This position also includes cleaning: chairs, tables, floors and bathrooms, drink stations, trash removal, and any duties management requests/ $2.13+tips
  • Kitchen Staff: *Social Security Card Required* As a member of Dough Boy’s Kitchen Staff, your responsibilities include but are not limited to preparing dough, prepping vegetable pizzas, assembling various menu items, washing dishes, removing trash, performing kitchen cleaning, and any other duties management requests/ $13.00 
  • Your employer will train you in your assigned position. Training starts on your first day and will continue until you are ready to work independently;
  • Meals are not provided, Staff receives 50% off meals during your work shift. Bartenders get 1 free meal during their shift;
  • You are required to provide a black t-shirt (long sleeve or short), black or khaki pants, and comfortable non-slip close-toed shoes;

Housing and Transportation:

  • Housing – Must arrange your own; 
  • Transportation – Walk, bike, or public transportation.
Работна позиција:Restaurant workers
Плата:$2.13+tips - $6.50+tips - $9.00+tips - $13.00
Локација на работа:Virginia Beach

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