Turkey farm Supervisor – Dashwood, ON, Canada

Temporary Residence Canada


Pay rate: $20.11 per hour
Location: Dashwood, ON

Employment requirements

  • The employer may require a university degree, college diploma, or industry courses in agricultural studies and several years of experience related to the service offered.
  • The employer may require training certificates.
  • Coordinate and supervise the work of general farm workers and harvesting laborers
  • Supervise and oversee breeding and other livestock-related programs
  • Supervise and oversee growing and other crop-related operations
  • Develop work schedules and establish procedures
  • Ensure farm safety and bio-security procedures are followed
  • Maintain quality control and production records
  • May perform general farm duties
  • Experience on a larger, industrial-size farm
Работна позиција:Turkey farm Supervisor
Плата:$20.11 per hour
Локација на работа:Dashwood

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