Supervisor – Mississauga, ON, Canada

Temporary Residence Canada


Pay rate: $19.23/hour
Location:  Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Job Description: 

  • track record being accurate with the point of sale (can prove accuracy in their previous jobs with complex systems that do pricing calculations and invoices – otherwise members complain if they get the wrong charges  

  • accurate legal and safety paperwork without missing any single field. They should never miss fields or make things up.

  • can de-escalate situations if a customer is mad   

  • never ever makes processes up – we have checklists for a reason 

  • can create a warm atmosphere for guests

  • be willing to learn and take feedback to get better – there is a lot to learn in this environment

  • a genuine interest in climbing and social membership environment like this

  • capable to be technically hands-on with climbing equipment (willing to learn skills to climb would be essential)

Age: 28+ so they had time to have more complex employment rather than just junior roles
Sex: Females
Experience: Ideal person worked in life safety or legal setting in a non-junior position. Must be easy for us to verify their employment history
Fitness level: Has some experience in rock climbing or similar sport 
English: Can converse and read and write well enough that they can go to a university here and succeed.  

Работна позиција:Supervisor
Локација на работа:Mississauga

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