Janitor – Worsley, AB, Canada

Temporary Residence Canada

Semi Skilled

Pay rate: $20.00 per hour
Location:  Worsley, AB

Employer recruitment:

  • mechanically inclined especially with maintaining and fixing things like washing machines, dryers, kitchen appliances ie coolers,
  • changing belts in air makeup units, lighting pilot lights in fireplaces,
  • using snow blower, riding lawn mower, weedwacker,
  • help in housekeeping when necessary,
  • drywall and painting fixes,
  • spring cleaning,
  • unplugging toilets,
  • unloading liquor and beer,
  • communicating with air conditioning,
  • plumbing, electrical, etc experts or contractors,  etc
Работна позиција: Janitor
Локација на работа:Worsley

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