Ghirardelli Chocolate Company – Las Vegas, NV

Work & Travel

Ghirardelli is an awesome employer. You will have an opportunity to meet people from all over the U.S. and the world. Las Vegas is a city with many attractions including the world-famous Las Vegas Strip. The Las Vegas Strip features many casinos, hotels, shopping, restaurants and comedy shows. Las Vegas has much to do and offer. There are world-famous stores to walk through and see comedy shows and music concerts. You can take a helicopter ride over the city, or drive 45 mins to Hoover Dam.

Weekly working hours: avg. 32 per week

Start Date/End Date: June 1st – June 20th until  September 30th


  • Proficient English;
  • Chocolatier: Must be friendly, great attitude, and have excellent customer service skills. Must be able and willing to perform ALL duties, including standing for up to 8 hours, scooping ice cream, preparing food and drinks, greeting, cashier, cleaning, taking out trash several times daily, mopping the floor, bussing tables, pre-packing chocolate, stocking merchandise, lifting heavy cases 10-30lbs/4-13kg and unloading trucks. CHOCOLATIER-STOCKER: Pre-packing chocolate, stocking merchandise, cleaning projects, lifting heavy cases (fem: 10-35lbs/4- 15kg, males: 50-75lbs/22-34kg) and unloading trucks 3 times a week. RETAIL SALES/GREETER: Great communication/customer service skills and a strong knowledge of chocolate merchandise. FOUNTAIN/BUSSERS: Preparing ice cream sundaes, and coffee drinks, cleaning projects, taking out the trash, mopping the floor, and bussing tables. CASHIERS: Great customer service skills; American currency. Employer will assign duties as needed. Must have a strong knowledge of chocolate merchandise and knowledge & handling of US Currency;
  • Training is required;
  • Employer supplies an apron, hat, name tag, and bow tie;

Housing and Transportation:

  • Housing –  Must arrange own. Leads will be given;
  • Transportation – You can take public transportation to your employer.
Работна позиција:Chocolatier
Локација на работа:Las Vegas

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