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Bozeman is located between the Bridger Mountains and the Tobacco Root Mountains, and close to Yellowstone National Park. There is so much Instagram-worthy beauty in Bozeman. Outdoor concerts, festivals, hiking and much more to do in the summer in Bozeman. There is plenty to do and see. Take a trip to Yellowstone, or explore the mountain ranges while hiking.

Weekly working hours: avg. 32 per week

Start Date/End Date: June 1st – June 16th until September  30th 


  • Advanced English;
  • Housekeeping, Breakfast Attendant, Front Desk

Housekeeping duties include cleaning common areas, guest rooms, and bathrooms, including toilets and showers; changing linens, dusting, vacuuming carpets and drapes, cleaning mirrors, wiping vanity drawers, bathrooms, and furniture with cleaning products, emptying trash, etc. Inspect rooms for repairs and fixtures that aren’t working properly. Restock guest rooms with linens, bathroom supplies, etc. Clean and vacuum public areas, including restrooms, and empty trash. Restocking carts daily with supplies, linen/terry, and cleaning supplies. Other duties as assigned by supervisor. Please do not apply if you are sensitive to any chemicals or lotions or have physical limitations that would keep you from doing your job. Must have a great attitude, be friendly and helpful, smile at guests and coworkers, and be willing to work very hard. You may be asked to assist in other departments such as laundry/ $16 per hour

Breakfast Attendants required Advanced or Fluent English. You will work from 5 am to approx. noon or 1 pm helping with breakfast. Prepare breakfast, stock the serving areas, make coffee, slice fruit, mix juice, stock pastry trays, etc. Deliver food and drinks to guests, manage the buffet (serving area), and clear & sanitize the tables. As a breakfast attendant, you need exceptional customer service and communication skills. You will be required to keep the restaurant section clean and orderly, restocking items, sweeping the floor, and removing the trash. Once the breakfast shift ends, you will move directly into Housekeeping for the remainder of your shift/ $18 per hour

Front Desk requires Fluent English! It will be up to your employer to decide if you will be asked to assist at the Front Desk. Only those with the correct English level and ability to handle the duties will be allowed to work in this position. You are responsible to greet guests, register and assign guests to hotel rooms, establish the method of payment and verify credit; understand US currency and ensure they have a good experience checking in. You will also handle phones, make and confirm reservations, compute bills, collect payments, and make proper changes for the guests. Respond to guest requests in a timely manner, receive and resolve complaints with understanding and compassion, in a friendly and helpful way, and elevate to supervisor if necessary. Must be very customer service oriented. Ensure overall guest satisfaction/ $18 per hour 

  • Your employer will train you in your assigned position;
  • Uniform provided – Comfort Inn Polo shirt. Please bring nice jeans, no holes. You also need to bring comfortable athletic-style shoes, which must be closed-toed.

Housing and Transportation:

  • Housing will be provided by the employer at a cost of  $150.00 per week, per student. A deposit of  $100.00 will be paid to the employer upon arrival. As long as you have not damaged the property and left it the way you found it, you will receive your deposit back;
  • Transportation – You can walk or ride bikes to work. Work is just over a mile away from work. 


Работна позиција:Hotel worker
Плата: $16.00 - $18.00
Локација на работа:Bozeman

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