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Landry’s has been a great seafood tradition since 1947. The true flavor of Gulf Coast tradition is all about family, warmth, and exceptional seafood. Landry’s Seafood strives to bring all of those things together in every location, providing a fun-filled dining experience that will make you want to drop your anchor and never leave. So sit back, relax, and take part in the Landry’s Seafood experience. You’ll do enough tasting, laughing, and living for an entire lifetime. 

Myrtle Beach provides 60 60-mile stretch of beaches and fun-filled activities along every step of the way. You have Broadway at the Beach which is filled with numerous places to shop and dine, and Ocean Boulevard which is lined with tourist attractions, amusement rides, and a beautiful boardwalk. There is something to do for anyone at any age.

Weekly working hours: average 32h

Start Date/End Date: June 1st – 30th until September 1st – 30th


  • Intermediate to Advanced English;
  • Host: A host is responsible for greeting guests as they arrive and seating them at their table. They also ensure that everyone has everything they need throughout their meal, from refilling drinks to clearing plates. Hosts are often the first faces the customers see when entering the restaurant, they’re the person who greets you when you walk in the door and makes sure you feel welcome while you’re there. This means they have to be friendly, outgoing, and able to build rapport with customers quickly. They will also be responsible for answering the phone and assisting in ensuring the restaurant stays clean and presentable / $8.00 per hour + tips
  • Busser: also known as restaurant bussers, clean, clear, and lay tables in restaurants and diners. They provide support to restaurant staff by managing restaurant supplies such as napkins, straws, crockery, and cutlery, and ensure that the restaurant and supplies are clean and organized. They may also assist with serving food and refilling beverages. / $4.50 per hour + tips
  • Side Worker (Server Assistant): The role of a server assistant requires attention to detail and strong customer service skills. They are often the face of their company, interacting with customers daily and representing the brand in a positive light. Server assistants may be tasked with setting tables, taking orders, delivering food and drinks, clearing plates, etc. Their job is to ensure that every guest has an enjoyable experience at their restaurant—and they do this by providing excellent service and friendly interactions throughout the entire dining experience / $12.00 per hour 
  • Food runner: They’re responsible for delivering plates of food to tables, refilling drinks, clearing dirty dishes, and ensuring that everyone is happy with their meal. Food runners have a wide range of responsibilities, which can include: serving food to customers at the table, clearing dirty dishes from tables after meals are finished, and communicating with kitchen staff about food preparation or ingredient needs /  $12.00 per hour
  • Server: You are responsible for learning the menu, wine, and alcohol list, and daily specials.  Fine dining servers are responsible for providing guests with an exceptional dining experience. This includes taking orders from several tables at once, serving individual courses, clearing plates between courses, refilling drinks, etc. If alcoholic beverages are ordered, you are required to ask for identification and ensure that they meet the legal drinking age of 21 for the United States/ $2,13 per hour + tips
  • Kitchen Staff: Performing basic food preparation tasks such as chopping vegetables or washing dishes, helping to maintain a clean and hygienic work environment by following proper food
    handling procedures and maintaining equipment, monitoring the quality of food being served to customers to ensure that it meets standards for taste, texture, and appearance / $14.00 per hour
  • Your employer will train you in your assigned position. Training may take up to two weeks;
  • Employer provides uniform for $40. For personal safety and to avoid injury if you drop sharp or hot objects on your footwear, participants should purchase a closed-toed, black, slip-resistant athletic shoe. You will also need black, full-length socks, black dress bottoms and top (casual wear). You must look presentable and clean for every shift.

Housing and Transportation:

  • Housing: Must arrange your own; 
  • Transportation: Walking or bike, public transportation is available to you as well.
Работна позиција:Restaurant worker
Плата:$2,13 - $4.00 - $8.00 - $12.00 - $14.00
Локација на работа:Myrtle Beach

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