Accounting Internship – Nashville, TN

Trainee & Internship Program

Start Date: TBD
Training Duration: 12 months
Hours: 32 hours per week
Compensation: $14.50 per hour
Housing: not provided
Host Company Description:

The host organization provides disaster and recovery management as well as civil construction services throughout the United States and abroad with wide-ranging projects in their size and budget. The company has several key offices in the U.S. where training will be conducted. The training time may be split between offices in different states which would require trainee’s relocation.

Position Description:

Position: Bookkeeper – Accounts Receivable


  • Prepares membership packets and distributes to potential, new and returning members; Update and send membership pledge forms as directed
  • Maintain a list of our membership
  • Update and reconcile membership database
  • Maintain current membership lists in the customer database of the POS program reflecting the 10% membership discount. Delete discount from any customers record that are not current members
  • Ensure membership lists online and in literature are accurate
  • Maintain current membership lists in the customer database of the POS program reflecting the 10% membership discount. Delete discount from any customers record
  • Coordinate reservations for member hotel contract
  • Confirm standing list of reservations monthly
  • Serve as chief liaison with member contract hotel staff

Position: Bookkeeping – Additional Contract Accounts

  • Prepare and mail invoices for Bookstore accounts, membership expenses and services; Maintain an accurate record of all membership invoices sent and paid
  • Ensure member payments are posted against invoices daily; Post approved and paid invoices in accounting program
  • Reconcile Training receipt book and prepares a deposit for these funds as received
  • Prepare bank deposit weekly
  • Receive and immediately receipt all revenue received at the agency with the exception of purchases that occur at the point of sale
  • Enters monthly bookstore sales reports (reconciliation report of register against close sale journal) into accounting program
  • Reconcile hotel invoices and invoice members monthly
  • Write company checks from approved invoices/purchase orders prepared.
  • Research disputed invoices
  • Prepare purchase orders for approval; Follow through with vendors as needed; Process paperwork until purchase is completed
  • Maintain monthly reconciliation files
  • Oversee customer accounts receivable – manage credit allocations and ensure they are posted accurately
  • Prepare monthly bookstore sales reports including reconciliation report of register against close sale journal
  • Cross-trained in all other areas of Bookkeeping.

Applicant Qualifications:

  • To apply for the Internship program, applicants must be full-time university students with an academic focus in Business / Accounting studies OR have graduated less than 12 months from the internship begin date.
  • To apply for the Trainee program, applicants must hold Business / Accounting degrees and have least 1 year of professional work experience related to the degree, OR be career professionals of 5 or more years of professional experience in this field
  • Excellent English skills
  • Quick Books Software, bookkeeping, and general accounting practices required
  • Advanced Microsoft; Excel, Word, Outlook skills required
  • Technical understanding of generally accepted accounting principles
  • Strong analytical skills along with exceptional attention to detail
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Локација на работа:Nashville

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