Project Engineer – San Diego,CA

Trainee & Internship Program

Start Date: will be determined

Hours: 40 hours per week

Location: San Diego, CA

Training Duration: 12-18 months

Compensation: $12 per hour

Housing: assisted to find

Number of Positions Offered: 1

Applicant Qualifications for Project Engineer:

  • Good English is required
  • Prepare and review workflow and movement through a warehouse setting. This includes but is not limited to: foot traffic, inventory Control,  maximizing usable space etc.
  • Calculating and Optimizing Pallet storage and racking.
  • Understanding Bin management and database software to optimize pick patterns with the fulfillment software.
  • Understanding vehicle weight limits, racking weight limits, height restrictions, etc.
  • Optimizing and organizing workspaces and packing lines for fulfillment center.
  • Engineering degree and computer related experience necessary.
Работна позиција:Project Engineer
Локација на работа:San Diego,CA

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