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Company Description and Location: 

 This is a very popular sports destination in Wisconsin. People from all over the state come to see this Major League Baseball team play. Working in concessions, cooking food, retail, and hospitality services. Midwestern people are friendly and love their sports teams! You will work during games for the Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Team. 5 minutes from downtown Milwaukee and the lakefront, Multiple cultural festivities during the summer. Great malls within 10-12 minutes. Milwaukee Public Museum, Cultural festivals all throughout the summer, Milwaukee Public Market.   Milwaukee is a vibrant, humble city with a great food scene, an incredible legacy of festivals, and a bar culture better than anywhere else in the world. Milwaukee is also just an hour Amtrak train ride to Chicago. A city with an expansive and diverse heritage, Milwaukee has a rich history just waiting to be explored;

Weekly working hours: avg. 32h + per week

Start Date/End Date:  5/20/2018 until 8/30/2018


  • Advanced English required ;
  • MUST be able to Smile and be Friendly and energetic and must be available to work every home game no exceptions;
  • Customer Service and Hospitality: Ensures freshness and quality of all menu items. Hospitality Services: May include but not limited to cleaning of stands, mopping, wiping down counters and appliances. Retail: Merchandising and selling retail items; working with cash and computer system to sell items. Dealing one on one with customers. Must have a friendly attitude and be pleasant to guests. Must have an understanding of American currency;
  • Food Service: Prepares food to specifications. Properly measures and portions all food items. Cooks all food to proper specifications in a timely manner. Utilizes kitchen equipment to prepare food items such as knives, slicers, whips, pots, pans, warmers, steamers, grills, ovens, etc. Ensures proper food temperatures are maintained and the food is stored correctly;
  • Meals provided;
  • Drug test required;
  • Training is paid at an hourly rate;
  • Employer provides uniform at cost of $50.00 which is refundable;
  • Please bring black non-slip shoes, black pants (non-athletic) for summer if they choose;
  • There is a possibility to find a 2nd job but there is a set schedule attached to the job description, so any 2nd job’s schedule would need to be made to the team’s weekly schedule;

Housing and Transportation:

  • Housing is provided at cost of $105 per week per student
  • Must pay a deposit of $250 right away to save your space
  • Dormitory style housing with 2 bedrooms in each dorm room. 3 beds in each room with one shared bathroom. A full-size fridge in each room and a shared kitchen on each floor or the college housing;
  • Deposit will only be refunded if the housing is left in good condition and you stay until the end of your DS date; 
  • You will need to take public transportation;
Работна позиција:Costumer service, Hospitality, Food Service
Локација на работа:Milwaukee, WI

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