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Situated within South Carolina’s 60 miles of beautiful coastline, Myrtle Beach is one of the most popular east coast summer hotspots. During the summer months, its population of 26,000 explodes to more than 350,000! There’s more to Myrtle Beach than its beautiful sand and waves, perfect for swimming, tanning, and relaxation. From its delicious restaurants, famous nightclubs, and amazing shopping, to its fun-filled amusement parks, beautiful golf courses, and numerous recreation and sports facilities, Myrtle Beach is a popular destination.

Our dedication to quality comes from a strict policy to use only the freshest ingredients, the tastiest combinations of toppings, and a mouth-watering store-baked crust. We’re the sort of people who sail from kites, who snowboarded before there were snowboards, and who learned to always color outside the lines, and you can taste that same sense of adventure in our pizzas. At Extreme Pizza, we’re always experimenting with new ways to test the palette, to push the pizza experience to a higher level.

Weekly working hours: avg. 32h + per week

Start Date/End Date: June 1st – 30h until  August 20th – September 30th


  • Advanced English required;
  • Server: Duties include but are not limited to learning menu, taking food & beverage orders, taking to go orders for customers, serving customers, cleaning, cleaning bathrooms, doing side work, answering the phone / $2.15 + tips
  • Restaurant worker: You will be moved around into various areas within the restaurant. You will be paid according to the position you will be working that day. Duties include but are not limited to: learning the menu, preparing food (cutting veggies, cooking/preparing pizzas, sandwiches, other menu items), washing dishes, fryer station, cleaning, monitoring the open dining sections of the restaurant for empty and cleaned tables, cleaning tables, seating customers, answering the phone / $8.50
  •  Training for servers is paid $20.00 per day. You will not receive tips during training which on average lasts 3-5 days. Training for the restaurant worker position will be paid at a regular rate.
  • Uniform is provided by the employer at cost of $65. Your first t-shirt and apron/hat are $30; additional shirt is $10 each. You must wear long dark blue jeans only. The employer will order your shoes. This will be deducted from your paycheck, either all at once or in small amounts from multiple checks.

Housing and Transportation:

  • Housing must arrange own, leads will be given; 
  • Transportation: walk or bike;
Работна позиција:Server/Restaurant worker
Плата:$2.15 + tips / $8.50
Локација на работа:Myrtle Beach, SC

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