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Glen Burnie is a suburb of Baltimore.  Medium sized city by the Chesapeake Bay. Close to Washington DC as well as many great cities on the East Coast. In 1812, Elias Glenn, a district attorney, established a county seat near what is currently known as Brooklyn Park. He named his property “Glennsburne”. The name was changed to “Glennsbourne Farm”, and eventually “Glenburnie”, as the property was passed through Glenn’s descendants.

For two generations, DRD has been setting the standard in pool management services. As a family-owned business, we recognize the value of trusted relationships. We work as partners with our clients to provide detailed attention tailored to individual needs and unique facility characteristics. Our long-standing reputation for service excellence is based on constant client communications and the experience to offer guaranteed professional solutions. DRD strives for complete client satisfaction by ensuring that our staff provides a supervised environment that is safe, professional and clean.

Weekly working hours: avg. 32h+ per week

Start Date/End Date: June 1st – 20th until August 15th – September 25th


  • Advanced English level is required;
  • Must arrive on time and start working according to DS dates; 
  • Lifeguard: The primary responsibility is to maintain the safety of the patrons in the pool. You will also be responsible for cleaning the facility which includes bathrooms, the pool and pool area. Lifeguards monitor the pool filters and chemicals of the pool as well. Customer service is a very important element and you must have a friendly demeanor and be approachable at all times. You must be a proficient swimmer and able to swim 180 meters without stopping as well as tread water for 1 min and retrieve a 4.54-kilogram brick from 3 meters deep. 
  • Students must pass lifeguard certification which students must be able to swim 200 yards, (or180 meters), tread water for 1 minute w/o the use of hands and surface dive to retrieve a brick at a depth of 3 meters. They also must pass the pool operator’s class that is a classroom presented course.
  • Students will pay $195 and must pass the swim test & the pool operator’s class;
  • The uniform is covered with the training fee of $195.00;

Housing and Transportation:

  • Accommodation provided by the employer at cost of $125 per week. Employees can expect to pay for rent every two weeks through a paycheck deduction. No deposit is required. 
  • Public transportation, bicycle (with a helmet) are the options for navigating in Glen Burnie.
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