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Company Description and Location: 

Nationwide diner specializing in breakfast food, Denny’s is America’s Diner. Where guests have come for over 60 years to sit back, relax and enjoy classic American comfort food and everyday value 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Over the years, Denny’s has gained a cult association with its popular all-day signature items. Its expansive menu features delicious, innovative options for appetizers, lunch, dinner, and dessert, catering to the taste and dietary requirements of every guest that walks in the door – which makes us a great place to bring the kids and family. -Located in on the East Coast of Maryland, approximately 235.5 miles (379 km) S of New York City & approximately 141 miles (~227 km) N of Virginia Beach, VA. 

Ocean city- Maryland, officially the Town of Ocean City, is an Atlantic resort town in Worcester County, Maryland. Ocean City is widely known in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States and is a frequent destination for vacationers in that area. 

Weekly working hours: avg. 32h + per week

Start Date/End Date:  May 15th – May 28th until –  September 10th – September 15th


  • Advanced English required;
  • Server: Serve food and drinks. Communicate with customers and staff/ $3.63 per hour plus tips;
  • Cook: Cook and prepare food/ $9.75/hr ($10.10/hr after July 1st)
  • Must be able to lift up to 30 pounds and stand for long periods of time;
  • There are many opportunities for 2nd jobs. Must keep your first job as your priority; 

Housing and Transportation:

  •  Housing is located in Ocean City, MD or in West Ocean City, MD. You will be placed in sponsor approved housing upon your arrival; 
  • $500.00 is due two weeks prior to your USA Arrival. This should be paid to your home country recruiter;
  • A seasonal fee between $1,700.00 and $2,000.00 will be due for the entire season. Your Seasonal fee must be paid in full in order to receive your housing deposit refund.
  • Transportation: Public transportation, bicycle (with a helmet), or walking are available options for navigating Ocean City;
Работна позиција:Server, Cook
Плата:$3.63 + tips - $10.10
Локација на работа:Ocean City, MD

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