Denali Park Salmon Bake – Denali Natl. Park, AK

Salmon Bake - Denali Natl. Park
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Company Description and Location: 

Denali Visions is an independently owned local business right outside Denali National Park that focuses on ensuring our employees have a great Alaskan experience. Denali Visions 3000 encompasses several restaurants & a hotel. Our employees have a great opportunity to get a second job if desired, participate in local activities hosted by our neighboring tour companies at a discounted rate and meet new friends from around the world. In Denali Visions 3000 restaurants we emphasis on its high-quality menu items, a large selection of spirits & craft beers, nightly entertainment, and outstanding customer service.

Weekly working hours: avg. 32h-40h per week

Start Date/End Date: May 18 – June 15 until September 9 – September 15


  • Intermediate to Advanced English level is required;
  • Must arrive on time and start working according to DS dates;
  • Host: Job Duties; Monitoring the open dining sections for empty and cleaned tables, estimating wait times for guests, managing the guest waiting list, and ensuring that the needs of the guests are met while they are waiting. Additionally, the host is responsible for answering the telephone, booking reservations and moving tables together to accommodate large parties.
  • Expediter & Food Runner: Your primary duty is to make sure all food orders are prepared properly, to supply the proper condiments and garnishes to each plate and to hand off the complete order to a food runner who will bring the order to the guests. In addition, if the wait staff has problems with any meals, they will come to you and you will inform the kitchen of the necessary corrections or changes. This is a great opportunity for someone who is interested in gaining restaurant experience. You may also be required to work as a food runner or busser based on the restaurant needs.
  • Restaurant Cleaner: This is an entry-level position, which involves daily repetitive cleaning duties. The restaurant cleaner responsibilities include sweeping, washing, scrubbing, dusting, and wiping all areas of the restaurant. Must be able to work quickly and be detail oriented. Intermediate English;
  • Prep Cook: Responsible for the preparation of raw foods into an approved recipe format in preparation for cooking. Must be detail oriented & able to follow instructions. You will be assisting the Cook, preparing food items for cooking; stocking food items as needed; cleaning & maintaining kitchen & food prep equipment; maintaining proper sanitation controls of products; preparing sauces, vegetables, meat (pork), fish and poultry items properly. You must be able to stand for your entire shift and be able to lift up to 50lbs/23kg.
  • Barback: Emptying trash cans; Collecting dirty glasses; Wiping down the bar counter; Fetching clean towels; Stocking ice for all the wells; Bringing out clean glassware; Cutting fruit and garnishes for drinks; Stocking juice, liquor, beer, and wine; Changing kegs; Cleaning bathrooms;
  • Employee Residence Assistant: for the following responsibilities at all employee housing sites daily; setting/breaking down breakfast in the rec room, cleaning rec room by sweeping, mopping and wiping down all surfaces daily, cleaning restrooms, shower rooms and washing areas,sanitizing all locations, removing trash, removing debris from the property, cleaning rooms upon check out-receiving deliveries, and other tasks assigned by the HR Manager. Must be independent, comfortable working alone with little supervision and efficiently.
  • Employee Meal Plan available at a subsidized price. Meals are not free;
  • If students perform well in their first job there is a possibility to be offered a 2nd job to them;
  • You will be paid a bonus of $0.50 per hour worked if you maintain a high level of standard throughout the season and stay until your agreed upon end date.
  • Training will be provided;
  • The employer will provide a uniform at a cost of $20. You must bring non-slip, closed toe & heel shoes, and black pants. No jeans;

Housing and Transportation:

  • Accommodation arranged by the employer at a cost of $91 per week. A refundable deposit of $200 is required upon arrival; Employees live in dormitory-style housing with access to hot showers, bathrooms, internet, rec room, transportation to work and basic continental breakfast included. Basic accommodations in Atco style housing. The bathhouse is in the adjacent building. Not attached to rooms. 
  •  Shuttle service provided for employees;
Работна позиција:Restaurant Worker
Плата:$9.84 - $11.00 + possible tips
Локација на работа:Denali Natl. Park, AK

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