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San Rafael is a city and the county seat of Marin County, California, USA. The city is located in the North Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area. As of the 2010 census the city’s population is 57,713.

After the arrival of George Lucas in San Rafael in 1970 to film the movie THX 1138, the city became a center for the entertainment industry, particularly the high-tech elements of the business. Lucasfilm was founded by George Lucas in 1971, and is best known for the global hit movie series Star Wars and also for Indiana Jones Some of the company’s operations were moved to San Francisco in 2005. Portions of the Universal movie production American Graffiti were filmed in downtown San Rafael under George Lucas’s direction, and portions of THX 1138 were shot at the  Marin County Civic County in San Rafael.

Largely because of the presence of LucasFilm, San Rafael started to attract video game developers, with several major studios located in the city. However, in recent years most of the companies, including Lucas Arts, have left San Rafael:


Weekly working hours: avg. 40h

Start Date/End Date: May 15th – June 21st /September 9th – September 15th 


  • Intermediate  English level is required;
  • STEP Assistant: Database management, analyzing applications and determining the suitability of the applicant, monitoring deadlines, extracting data and forming tables in Excel, corrections and follow-ups, light email communications, WORD processing, other office duties;
  • Work will begin immediately;
  • Clerical duties as assigned, assist with daily clerical work;
  • Second job will require you to contact your sponsor; 

Housing and Transportation:

  • Housing information you will get from the sponsor via email;
Работна позиција:STEP Assistant
Локација на работа:San Rafael, CA

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