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ACME Markets - New Jersey
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Company Description and Location: 

ACME Markets got its beginning in 1891 when two friends, opened a small neighborhood grocery store. Over 125 years later, ACME remains dedicated to providing a high-quality grocery experience that our customers have come to expect. Today, ACME Markets operates many stores throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. You can choose between many ACME’s locations in New Jersey:


Weekly working hours: avg. 32h per week

Start Date/End Date: May 15th – June 26th until September 1st – 15th


  • Advanced English level is required;
  • Must arrive on time and start working according to DS dates;
  • Team Member: At a fast pace, scan, bag, process payment, count money, ensure correct accounting. Control backed up lines, reduce waiting time for customers. Prep fruit, vegetables, salads. Bake, decorate cakes, cookies, pies. Slice bread. Package, wrap, price products for sale. Check products for quality and freshness. Keep cases, shelves, displays clean and stocked. Breakdown deliveries using sharp knives, organize backroom, return misplaced products, refill missing items, keep aisles in good condition. Assist customers locating items. Monitor, clean, carry bags, collect carts in the parking lot. $9.04 weekly union dues.
  • Meat, Deli, Seafood Associate: At a fast pace, provide high-quality service, greeting customers in a friendly manner. Create a welcoming experience for customers. Control backed up lines, reduce waiting time for customers. Must have respect working with diverse and sometimes difficult customers. Operate scales and hot oil fryers. Prepare food, including fried food, soups, and salads. Display and stock deli cases. Keep cases, shelves, displays, dishes. Inform customers about products, promote sales. Inventory stock, restock, move bulk product from storage areas to the sales floor. $11.04 weekly union dues.
  • Training at your assigned store is paid at the hourly rate. Training may take up to two weeks.
  • Full uniform required to start training. Long black or tan trousers are required, no jeans, no yoga or stretch pants. Black, close-toed, slip resistant safety shoe is required. ACME provides shirts, aprons, and hat.

Housing and Transportation:

  • Accommodation must arrange own, will be given leads. Approximate cost between $100-$120
  •  Transportation – Walk to work, a bicycle is a great way to travel too.
Работна позиција:Team Member; Deli, Seafood Associate
Плата:$11.00-$12.00 per hour
Локација на работа:New Jersey Area

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